About Adoption

Adoption can be a long and expensive process. Expenses vary but private agencies cost anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000. We're currently connected with LDS Family Services to adopt because it is much more affordable than other adoption agencies. The drawback is that there is more of a demand than babies being placed for adoption, so the average wait time is 3 years.

So as we spread the word that we're adopting, our goal is to find a birth mom through connections. This would make it possible to go through an attorney or LDS Family Services, making it affordable and potentially a quicker process to start our family. Feel free to share this blog with your friends or on social media so we can find our birth mom. We're grateful for you!

Here's some videos about birth moms who decided to place their babies for adoption. We have grown to admire women like these, who place their child's future and interests above their own. That is real courage!

More great info can be found on the It's about love website.

This song and music video touched my heart and I hope it does yours. It's about love, loss, infertility, adoption, and God's hand in our lives.

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