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We initially met when I knocked on Walt's door to ask him and his roommates to go hiking with me and some girlfriends. He jokes that I was knocking doors, looking for a husband. (I don't deny it, I was trying to get to know the boys in my ward/complex to see if there was any interest.) All I really remember from first seeing him was his brown eyes. He and another roommate ended up coming on the hike.
We actually have a photo from the day we met!

 I was flattered and surprised when he jumped into the front seat of the surburban ( I was driving) and we talked all the way to the trailhead. It was easy to talk to him and I was initially attracted to him. The next couple weeks we saw each other when we did things in groups. Our first official date was a hike to the Y. That date was a blast! I remember laughing nearly nonstop. I don't even know what was so funny, we were just being silly and enjoyed each other's company.

Once we started dating, we saw each other every day. We talked about growing up, went running, watched Chopped, went hiking and enjoyed each other's company. Our feelings kept growing for each other. So much so that even though I went to LA for an internship, we decided to keep dating. We knew there was big potential!

Valentine's in Idaho

Dating long-distance for 4 months was really hard but we saw each other about once a month. Also even though it was hard, it was probably the best thing for us because we were forced to talk; we couldn't just cuddle and watch a show. We talked A LOT, about 3 hours a day! It was with all this talking that I truly grew to love Walt. I had seen things in him that I loved before, but it was in talking to him about his mission, his family, what he envisioned for his future family and his life goals that my love for him grow.

Walt and I prayerfully decided to get married and were married in the Salt Lake Temple in August of 2010. It was one of the most memorable and special days of my life.

We knew we would be unable to have biological children before we were married and talked about the day we would adopt while we were dating. I was touched that God led someone to me who had the desire in his heart to adopt before he even had met me. It was such a tender mercy and relief that adoption was already in his plans! I try to keep the faith that God is preparing a child for us, just as he prepared a perfect husband for me.

Walt just started his first job at Chevron and I currently work at a hospital doing public relations. I love to write and do photography but I look forward to being a full-time stay at home mom.


Tiffany and I met when we lived in the same apartment complex. She didn’t know me or my roommates but invited us to go on a short day hike with her group of friends. I immediately knew I was attracted to her.  So I made my moves.  Not long later we were dating. I had never been so interested in a girl. Tiffany impressed me so much with her commitment to God and her family. I could tell she was very mature and a super hard worker.
Dating was so fun. Every day I learned something new and exciting about Tiffany. We even dated long distance for a few months and our relationship just got stronger. The best part was when I asked Tiffany to marry me. I was pretty excited to have such an amazing girl say yes to me. 
Since getting married, we have grown together and had so much satisfaction in each others’ company.  It has been so nice to come home every night and just be together. Being with Tiffany is a dream come true. She is so unselfish and works so hard to make our house a home. I couldn’t be more in love.
Now Tiffany is a stay at home mom with Isaac. It is so nice that I can go to work and know he is being taken care of so well. It's also not bad coming home to a hot, home-made meal! 

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  1. Hello I have stumbled upon this blog and was wondering if you are still awaiting to adopt? A girlfriend of mine had said that Russia has a lot of bi racial children being given up, however they are closed to the USA for adoption but not for bi racial children. Maybe this might help? Lots of prayers from Canada!