About Walt

Family photos taken at a beach in CA- 2011

Walt is smart:

If you ask Walt, he would probably say he's not that smart. Don't believe him. He's taken super hard classes in college, from calculus classes to chemistry--all the while getting good grades. I admire how well he learns things and how hard he works.

Walt is tender:

Walt is such a sweetheart! I knew when we were dating that I had a good one. It was even more confirmed to me when I met his family for the first time and saw how he treated his mom. He was so respectful and loving to her. In fact, he would come up behind her while she was doing dishes and scratch her back!

Walt does special and tender things for me all the time. From volunteering to drive my sister to the airport at 4 am so I can sleep in, to holding me when I cry for the hundredth time about infertility- he's so loving and patient.

A custom cake Walt had made for Valentine's that was the same as our reception cake I loved so much

Walt is thoughtful:

Walt gave me a wooden puzzle jewelry box for Valentine's when we were dating. It wasn't just any jewelry box though. In it was the sweetest letter about how much he loved me and knew he wanted to be with me. I cried as I read the letter that explained he had bought that box on his mission in the Dominican Republic with the thought that he would give it to his future wife one day. Wow! I was touched by his thoughtfulness and careful planning.

When he proposed, he carefully thought out what he wanted to do. He took me on a hike and at the end let me to a beautiful place near a stream where he had laid out a ring of my favorite flowers to propose to me in. He read to me again a beautiful letter about all the things he loved about me and then knelt down and proposed.
Me in the ring of my favorite flowers after Walt proposed

He still enjoys surprising me and being super thoughtful to this day. For my graduation, he was sneaky and bought me a strand of pearls. I had told him that I had always wanted pearls as a side comment one time. I had no idea he had listened to me and planned on getting me some.

Walt is a joker:

Walt likes to make people laugh. He can be a kidder, teaser or just be plain corny. I love it! I enjoy life so much because he knows how to make me laugh. Even when I'm grumpy, he can get a smirk out of me.

Walt making me laugh during a photo shoot

Walt is great with kids:

I am so grateful that Walt is so good with kids. I think it's because he has such a fun, joking and silly personality. He relates well with kids and I've been impressed with how natural he is with playing with them.

He watches our niece (who's 20 months old) every Friday and she simply adores him because he actually plays with her.  I've appreciated the fact that he is so selfless to help family out even though he has a master's thesis he's trying to finish.


Walt playing with his nieces

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