About Tiffany

Walt's words:

Tiffany is way out of my league.  She has such a good head on her shoulders and always does a good job on whatever she is doing.  I'm always impressed with her common sense and down to earth nature. 

Tiffany is funny:

I love how much I laugh when we spend time together. Her sense of humor always catches me off guard. I remember on our first date she made me bust a gut. It feels like every night is a sleep over.  We will sit on our bed or on the couch and I get to enjoy her wit and cute looks. We have a bunch of inside jokes that mostly come from her great "one-liners."  She makes life such an enjoyable trip.
Tiffany after her first half marathon

Tiffany is a go-getter:

When we were dating the word that came to my mind most about Tiffany was "Impressive."  She works so hard at all she does.  I've never seen her do a poor job on anything she is working on.  She is so independent and empowered.  I know I'm not the only one that notices her drive because I can see how much her family respects her and trusts her judgement.

Tiffany eating lunch with a member she worked with on her mission

  Tiffany is nurturing:

Everyone is well taken care of when Tiffany is around (especially me). I knew when we were dating that she would make such a good mom. She is very understanding of other people's feelings.  And she loves to cook really good food to make people happy. I can't wait to see her tender way with our kids.
Enjoying a nice dinner on our honeymoon

Tiffany is gorgeous:

This is a little shallow, but I think Tiffany is the most beautiful girl ever. I never get tired of looking into her eyes. And I've always been nuts about her hair. Sometimes I don't want to stop kissing her. The best part of my day is when we finally get home at night and hug. It makes a guy feel really good to have a good-lookin girl at his side.

Tiffany's words:

Tiffany in back in the center

I grew up the oldest of four girls and loved it. We were all friends and spent many hours playing together. I have great memories of playing tag in the backyard, building forts in the house, riding bikes on our street and playing "restaurant" where we would take turns taking orders and making meals for each other.

Tiffany at the hospital with her sister's first baby
 Since I was the oldest, I grew up fast and was responsible and mature early in life. I babysat my sisters from an early age and even watched other children when I was 10-years-old. I enjoy children and feel very comfortable entertaining them and taking care of them because I have had a lot of experience. Lately I've enjoyed spending time with my niece, the first grandchild in the family.
Tiffany in center with sister and mom

I also have great family memories of camping and hiking. We grew up vising National Parks like Yellowstone, Zions, The Redwoods, and Bryce Canyon. I love hiking, camping and fishing and have great memories of camping and sitting around the campfire singing. My youngest sister still asks me to lead girls camp songs when we go hiking together. I feel a little silly because I'm too old for that, but my sisters have always looked to me to lead fun games.

Hiking in Idaho with Walt

I still love being outdoors and especially since marrying Walt. Being a geologist, he can tell me cool things about the geology of the places we visit. So we definitely make an effort to enjoy the outdoors together.

Music was also a large part of my life growing up. My mom sang to us and we would often turn on the record player and dance and sing together. My sister and I performed musical numbers in church a lot and we performed in the annual big Christmas concert our stake put on every year. When I was in 6th grade, I started taking private flute lessons. I took private flute lessons for a few years and then started taking private piano lessons. I enjoyed playing the piano to express feeling but I especially felt a drive to learn the piano so I could give service in the church. I've been able to accompany wards on my mission and in singles wards. It has been a blessing. I'm not good enough to accompany ward choirs, but I can play hymns and it's nice to be able to serve.
Tiffany in marching band
My senior year of high school I joined marching band. My nickname was "frenior" because I was a freshman in the band as a senior. I still occasionally play the flute for musical numbers and I enjoy being in ward choirs. I recently was in a musical production of "The Garden" by Michael Mclean, who's more known for "The Forgotten Carols." It is an allegory told through song about the atonement. I was flattered my friend asked me to join her stake in performing it and it turned out to be a very spiritual and enjoyable experience for me.

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