Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Letter to a birth mom

Dear Friend,

We don’t know you yet but we think of you often and keep you in our prayers. We know you are facing a difficult time and we love you and respect you for your courage and determination to do what's best for your baby. We know Heavenly Father will be there to guide you, strengthen you and answer your prayers.

We have known since before we were married that we wouldn’t be able to have biological children. We were blessed in early 2015 to bring Isaac from the hospital and his adoption will be final in August. Having a newborn is challenging but he is such a blessing and has brought such a light and joy to our lives! We are not actively searching out a birth mom at this time, but are open to adoption again if you feel we may be the right adoptive couple for you and your child.

 We hope this blog helps you get to know us a little.

The things we value

Faith. Both of us have served missions teaching people about Christ and rely heavily on the Lord. Since the day we were married, we have prayed and read scriptures together daily. When we have a problem, issue, or blessing, we turn to the Lord.  Our faith in Christ is our rock and we hope to instill that in our children.

Family. We both have a deep sense of loyalty and dedication to our families. Walt comes from a family of 7 kids and Tiffany is the oldest of 4 girls. Family reunions, vacations and nightly family dinners are important to us. We want to pattern our own family after the teachings of Christ. We believe in the importance of taking time to work together, play together, eat together, pray together and laugh together. We especially value good parenting and are committed to giving each child what he or she needs the way he or she needs it.

Outdoors. Walt has a bachelor's and master's in geology and loves the outdoors. He has fond memories of playing in the woods near his house for hours when he was young. Tiffany loves nature as well. In fact, she has had several spiritual experiences while being outdoors. She loves experiencing the beauty and peace the outdoors offers. We both love doing things outside together: hiking, camping, fishing, going on walks, running, boating and most recently—scuba diving.

Other hobbies
We both also love to read historical fiction or non-fiction books. We also enjoy trying new food- whether it be trying out the Indian restaurant down the street, or making a new recipe together. Walt is fluent in Spanish and Tiffany is conversational. We enjoy learning about and experiencing other cultures. We also find a lot of satisfaction out of serving others.

Our hope
We wish you the best as you make this difficult decision and hope you will be comforted and guided to a family who may bless both you and your baby.

We are open to adopting any race, boy or girl under three years old. We believe an open adoption would be best for the baby and are open to letters, emails, and possibly phone calls and visits. We also believe it's important to be flexible according to the needs of the child.

Please don't hesitate to email us to get to know us better by looking over this blog or by contacting us. You can email us at waltandtiff@gmail.com.

Walt and Tiffany

* To other blog visitors:

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you become part of our adoption journey by sharing this blog with others. Our goal is to find a birth mom through connections. This would make it possible to go through an attorney , making it affordable and potentially a quicker process to start our family. Feel free to share this blog with your friends or link on social media so we can find our birth mom. We're grateful for you!


  1. You guys sound like you would be amazing parents!! I wish you the best of luck :)

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